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Member-Driven Advocacy

Over the past two weeks, we’ve been talking about coalitions. Why you form them and with whom you form them. Last week, we saw the US Chamber employ a coalition building strategy as they asked Chambers of Commerce to sign on to a letter opposing new regulations that will increase labor costs.

Several of our clients asked, “Should we sign this letter and join this coalition?” It might seem like an easy answer. Most businesses (and the chambers that serve them) oppose regulations that increase costs. But we think there needs to be a process in place to justify your answer, whatever the answer. After all, it should not be the President's/Executive Director's answer, it should be the members answer. If you as a staff member are making decisions without having a formal process that involves your members, you put yourself at risk if that decision is challenged.


Watch this video to hear what we told them.

Video thumbnail with Brian Francis