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Lumin Strategies: Illuminating the Path Forward

Today, the sun sets on Francis Consulting Services as we officially launch our new brand: Lumin Strategies. When I started Francis Consulting Services, I did so as a "solopreneur," whose company name reflected that. When you hired the company, you hired Brian Francis. From time to time, people would even errantly refer to the company as "Brian Francis Consulting." I am so appreciative of each client who trusted my name and saw the value in what I provided. I was fortunate to have clients who shared my values: creativity, strategic thinking, continuous learning, and a focus on results.

While our values remain the same, our capabilities have grown. We are adopting a new name representing who we are as a company and who we will be. Lumin Strategies. Lumin is a derivative of the Latin word "lumen," meaning "light." For millennia, light has represented so many ideas that we value. In Genesis, God separated the light from the darkness and harkened a new beginning. Light has stood for goodness. The lightbulb stands as a symbol of great ideas. The lighthouse is a guide, protecting ships from otherwise unseen trouble. These ideas: new beginnings, goodness, ingenuity, and navigation through rocky waters; are what we aim to bring to our clients. We deliberately paired Lumin with "Strategies" because we do more than just reveal what lies ahead. We create plans to navigate it. Our tactics are effective, whether we creatively use graphics and videos to help you engage with your audience or execute meetings and presentations to connect you with your stakeholders. As important, our tactics have a purpose, and we will always craft the most effective plan to help you move your audiences to action.

Lumin Strategies will continue to be rooted in our past. The lighthouse in our logo is a nod to our North Carolina roots. But with strategic partnerships and additional staff capabilities, we offer much more than when we started. We'll show off some of Isabella's capabilities that she brings to our team as we launch our new website: You'll also see her talents as we migrate our social media and e-newsletters to our new brand. By the way, what she does for us, she can do for you. Please take a moment to update your contacts with our new contact information and let us know how we can illuminate your path forward. The sun is rising on Lumin Strategies, and we can't wait to see our shared future.